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What is a Certified B.O.B?

A Certified Black Owned Business is a business that is 100% owned by full bred Homosapien/Black/African people.

Genetics show that Africans aka Homo-sapiens are the creator of all human life. During migration we mixed bred with another species, the Neanderthal, this is how Asians were created. Europeans aka Caucasians are simply Asians who migrated to the Caucasus Mountains in Europe.


All partners/owners of the business must be 100% African/Homo-sapien.

Descendants of Africa were the  first to occupy many areas of the world and are also known as Native Americans and Indians.

Black/African people are defined as people who have fully African 

parents, grand parents and great grand parents, because it takes three generations for the African genetic code to be restored to normal after mix breeding.

Africans married outside of their race are not allowed to be a Certified BOB simply because it will no longer be a 100% Black Owned Business and goes against our mission statement.

A Certified BOB can-not be in an agreement with a non-African establishment that entitles that establishment to the rights to take over the business in any capacity. This includes but is not limited to bank loans.


For the safety of our business and our community we do an extensive background check of each business partner, to ensure the authenticity of all businesses who wear the Certified BOB logo.

Become a Certified B.O.B. in 3 easy steps

  1. Create a FREE account with our 100% Black Owned Business directory

  2. Submit payment.

  3. Email a copy of photo ID's of all business owners



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