The Carbon Market’s Black Codes

We put The Black Community first.

We protect Black cultures.

We protect each other, our children, and businesses.

We do not spread negative images or messages about our people.

We do share positive constructive criticism when needed.

We enlighten each other.

We forgive each other.

We embrace our differences.

We give credit when inspired by one another.

We prioritize circulating the Black dollar into our communities.

We offer exclusive discounts to Carbonated families.

We participate in the Carbon Promo Train and promote one another.

We do not judge anyone based on Physical Appearance, Culture, Religion, Heritage, Age, Gender, Finance, Education, Sexual Preference, Disability, Race, Occupation, Location, Social Status or Diet etc.


Certified BOB Mission


Certified BOB advances business opportunities for Certified Black Owned Business enterprises of all sizes and connects them with supporters in The Carbon Market. It is our mission to protect the circulation of Black dollars by certifying all business on our platform.



Certified BOB “Black Owned Business” Standards


A Certified BOB is a business that is 100% Black Owned Business, meaning completely owned and operated by Black/African people.


Descendants of Africa were the first to occupy many areas of the world and are also known as Black, Indigenous, Aboriginals, Asiatic, Moors, Native Americans, and West Indians etc.

Africans who choose not to disclose their business as “Black Owned” can still be connected to our network of Black business supporters. 


Businesses owned by Non-Black people (Asians, Caucasians, East Indians, Arabs, Latinos, and Mixed etc.) that are in solidarity with The Black Community, can be a part of Certified BOB (“Allies”) in our SOB, BOW or MOB family.


Africans married outside of their race that can provide legal proof that their Non-Black spouse does not have ownership of their business can be a Certified BOB. Otherwise, the business can be a part of our Certified BOW family.

A Certified BOB shall not be in an agreement with an entity which has or will (i.e. pursuant to agreement) be acquired, nor have any financial note or negotiable instrument taken over by, any other person or business entity that is Non-Black. Should business ownership of a Certified BOB change such that it is no longer compliant with this Agreement, the business is to notify the Certified BOB team as soon as practicable.


As a member of Certified BOB, you are committing to protect our communities from all versions of Black Face Catfishing. This includes exposing businesses or people who you think may be trying to commit this type of fraud or any other type of harm against the Certified BOB community. It is important that you also inform the Certified BOB team of any businesses or people on our platform that have displayed any short of racism against any Black or Afro Mulatto people.



Certified BOB “Allied Business" Standards


A Certified BOB "Ally" is a business that is 100% owned by anyone that is in Solidarity with The Black Community and seeks to help us in improving the conditions of our community, based on our needs as determined by Certified BOB and our members.


There are three groups of Certified BOB Allies, Certified SOB, MOB, or BOW.

A Certified SOB (Solidarity Owned Business) - any business in Solidarity of the Black Community.

A Certified MOB (Afro-Mulatto Owned Business) – a business that is 100% owned by a mixed person who is 50% or more Black/African.

A Certified BOW (Blended Operated Business) - a business that  is 51% or more Black Owned.


The data collected in this form helps us learn more about your business in preparation for your Certified BOB interview. The data will not be shared, unless for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.


Confidential Information.

By submitting this form Owner and its Affiliates agree that Confidential Information is confidential and shall be maintained in confidence with at least the same degree of care that it uses to protect its own confidential and proprietary information but no less than a reasonable degree of care under the circumstances. Owner and its Affiliates will neither disclose nor distribute Confidential Information, except as necessary for its employees or contractors (under a comparable confidentiality agreement restricting the contractor’s right to use to be solely with respect to work done for the Owner). Any documents or copies thereof to which confidentiality is to apply shall be marked “confidential,” “proprietary” or with a similar legend as on the original. This obligation of confidentiality will expire three (3) years from the date of the disclosure to the Owner. However, no Owner or its Affiliates will be liable for the disclosure of any information that is:


in the public domain other than by the recipient’s breach of a duty of confidentiality;

rightfully received from a third party without any obligation of confidentiality; or

rightfully known to the recipient without any limitation on use or disclosure prior to its receipt from the disclosing party; or

independently developed by employees or contractors of the recipient; or

disclosed as required by law; or

made public by agreement of Certified BOB.


The obligations of this section shall survive termination of any Agreement with Certified BOB and can change from time to time.