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Circulate Black Dollars!

Connect with
Black Trillionaires

Become a Certified B.O.B.
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Certified BOB advances business opportunities for Certified Black Owned Business enterprises, and connects them with Black Trillionaire supporters in The Carbon Market.


To achieve our mission, we will:

  1. work through Carbon Market’s Black Trillionaire Network to support and facilitate BOB integration into Carbon partnerships;

  2. build BOB capacity and capabilities through Carbon programs and educational offerings;

  3. and facilitate BOB-to-BOB partnerships to meet the needs of Black families.


The Carbon Market’s Black Trillionaire network includes:

– a mobile Carbon Market business app (coming soon)
– Certified BOB members and allies
– dedicated support groups within our local communities


We are proud of our unwavering commitment to connect with Black-Owned solutions worldwide. Let us help you expand your business!

Join our Black Thanksgiving
100% Black Owned Pop Up Shop & Alkaline Dinner Party every Black Friday.
Together we'll redesign our future & build generational wealth!
Vendors & Sponsors needed

Protect the circulation of Black
Dollars, end Black Face Catfishing
become a Certified BOB.

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